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I am certain that there used to be some sort of a line that ran between the ACL line at Acme, NC and the SAL at Reigelwood. (I think I have my station names correct). This was ACL trackage I believe. Was the purpose of this line solely to give the ACL access to the pulp mill? When was this line removed? Also, does anyone know what years the following stations ceased operations: Delco, Lake Waccamaw, Whiteville, Chadbourn? Were there other stations between the Wilmington area and Whiteville on the old ACL line?

Thanks, Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, January 23, 2002


The following data was found in my notes: The ACL built a spur line north from Delco, NC(mp 18.7 west of Wilmington) to a connection, or crossing, of the SAL at Acme, NC, in circa 1958. Abandonment date unknown to me. The reason for the spur appears to be the Federal Paper Board Co, plant at Riegelwood, NC, which operated a GE 45ton loco in-plant.

Regarding your enquiry about stations on the line west of Wilmington: The following has not been fully researched, yet, but here is what I have. The dates are approximate. Delco was open circa 1924-1954, Lake Waccamaw circa 1868-1966, Whiteville circa 1868-1966 and Chadburn circa 1893-1966. Stations on this line were(some closing prior to 1900), Hilton mp 1.7, Yadkin Jct mp 2.1, Navassa mp 4.8, Meares Bluff mp 8.0, Malmo mp 10.8, Delco mp 18.7, Bolton mp 28.6, Maxwell mp 29.0, Lake Waccamaw mp 35.9, Hallsboro mp 40.3, Whitesville mp 46.3 and Chadburn mp 53.0. These were all passenger stations.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 24, 2002.

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