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My mother used to have a complete set of tea/dish towels that she had embroidered with the day of the week duties on them, one for each day. I have one and 1/2 (that's all that's left) of them I am planning to frame and hang in my sewing room when it's finished, but I would love to have the entire set of sayings so I can either make a set for myself or at least print them out and frame them to hang with the two I have.

Does anyone know what the entire list is? I remember it starts Monday wash, Tuesday iron....Sunday rest. I know there is a day to clean, a day to sew, a day to shop, but I can't remember their order. Can you all maybe help me figure this one out? I'd also be willing to pay the postage if someone has the actual patterns they could copy and send me!

-- Christine in OK (, January 23, 2002


Christine--Do you have a craft store or a Ben Franklin store that sells Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers. I think some Walmart's also have the patterns. I have one here that has Sunbonnet girls on them and they have the Days of the Week. Sunday rest, Monday wash, Tuesday iron, Wednesday garden, Thursday shop, Friday clean, and Saturday bake. I also have a cross stitch pattern with the same Sunbonnet girls and the days of the week. Ben Franklin also had the flour sack towels on which to embroider.

-- vicki in NW OH (, January 23, 2002.

I have the patterns, I copied them off of dish towels in an atique store. I traced them onto old feed sacks and embroidered them, then put them each in an embroidery hoop and now they're in a box waiting for the walls to get painted:~} I'd be happy to share, as soon as I find them( we're living out of boxes a lot right now. e-mail me for details. God Bless

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 23, 2002.

Oh, the Wed. is sewing

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 23, 2002.

I bought the Sun Bonnet Sue towel patterns & made the set for my daughter for Christmas---she loved them---I got the pattern at a craft store--

-- Sonda in Ks. (, January 24, 2002.

Its funny, I hadn't thought about these in a 100

I saw some while in KC for Christmas and went with my SIL to some antique malls. I was supprise to see them for sale for $8. a piece. A full set went for $47.

She told me you can get the transfer patterns at wal-mart as well as the tea towels to do it on.

-- Lynette (, February 02, 2002.

I was wondering, could you sew these on muslin and hem your own towels? I know most were made on flour sacks but it seems to me muslin would give much the same look? Thank you.

-- Mrs. Jayson Shirk (, May 31, 2002.

You can find many on Ebay and if you do an engine search you'll find many sites that offer Aunt Martha's transfers as well.

-- polly wiggins (, June 21, 2002.

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