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Does anyone know if there is a place to buy fabric online I am looking for toile or towle (i think the spelling is wrong) cant seem to find it anywhere any suggestions ronda

-- ronda (, January 22, 2002


Are you looking for bridal tulle??? It's the only fabric I could think of that is close to what you wrote. It's a very fine net fabric that could be used in a bridal veil. You could check at

-- Kris (, January 22, 2002.

I know of the fabric you are looking for....You can find it at also check out the joann fabics site mentioned above. Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (, January 22, 2002.

Toile is a french fabric pronounced (twall) usually a white background with one other color, it looks like drawings or scenery. I am looking for red toile for my bedroom and possidly blue for my kitchen. sorry I should have been more descriptive in my original inquiry. Thanks for the suggestions I live so far out in the country its hard to get to larger towns where it is carried the small stores around here have no idea what I am asking for. Ronda

-- ronda (, January 23, 2002.

Ronda, I would try the Joann and Hancock's sites that were mentioned. It may not be cheap, but it seems that Hancock's usually has it, or can get it for you if you ask!

-- Christine in OK (, January 23, 2002.


-- gita (, January 23, 2002.


Try online at They are a wallpaper company, but also have fabric. Waverly makes some beautiful toiles, so just type in Waverly.

-- Ivy in NW AR (, February 01, 2002.

go to (the search engine) & type in these four words: toile fabric yard price.

You'll get a lot of results, some are useless, but a lot have actual storefronts where you can buy online. You can also try their directory, I got there accidentally in my search by first finding their quilt fabric directory, but they have a decorator fabric directory also.

Here are some sites I liked:,,,,,,, & But there are more, and I wanted you to know how I found them 'cause your taste may be different, or you may be able to actually find a store near you that you don't know about. That decoratetoday site does have a whole section of toiles (you can search for that, not just waverly), but I think they're a little pricey for the ones they have, & to my knowledge you can't buy from jo-ann or hancock online.

Hope you find one you like!

Also, don't let the prices on some of the sites scare you, some are in euros 'cause they're real french or english sites, & they put the euro sign (a funny e) in between what we think of as dollars & cents. A Euro is roughly the same as a dollar so you don't even have to do the currency calculator to know how much it is.

I found your question in the middle of doing my search for toiles & then found it again so I thought I should help.

-- Gypsy (, March 04, 2002.

If you do buy from foreign sites using a credit card, your bank will add a nice (Grrr!) transaction fee for converting for you into dollars. Even 3% can add up. Call your card issuer to find out how much it is.

-- GT (, March 05, 2002.

oops. searching for toiles again & came across my own answer - & there's a mistake *-D

it should be - with an s - without an s it's some ludicrous useless site

just wanted to correct, even though so long ago, 'cause it came up in my google search today

-- Gypsy (, September 18, 2004.

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