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I love big, baked sweet potatoes. While they are delicious plain, it is also fun to experiment with many different toppings. One of my favorites is to mix real butter with frozen concentrated orange juice, and then add a little cinnamon. Blend well. This is good and intense tasting, and fairly healthy! If you don't want the butter, even the OJ plain is good.

What are some of your favorite sweet potato toppers?

-- Melissa (, January 22, 2002


Heat potatoes in cast iron skillet...add maple syrup...a little butter...pineapple chucks or rings...cook a little.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 22, 2002.

I forgot to say cooked sweet potatoes. I can them

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 22, 2002.

Being a native Florida Cracker, no group meeting was complete until the sermon was over and we had eaten the roast hog and sweet potatos. The potatos were dumped into a Dutch oven with an ample amount of pine tree rosin, heated until it was liquid, when the potatos were done they would float, be retrived with tongs, most of the rosin dripped off, then they were split through the peeling and minature marshmellows added. There was no misspellings of potato in this paragraph!!!

-- mitch hearn (, January 22, 2002.

Sounds interesting Mitch, I have never heard of that before.

Just one small thing to point out though, whenever you are making potato plural, you do add an "e" then the "s". Thus "potato" is singular and "potatoes" is the plural form of the word.

I realize I make many spelling errors, due to haste in typing and proofreading, but I have fairly decent recall of most spelling words, if I put my mind to it!

-- Melissa (, January 22, 2002.

My 3rd grade teacher would scream at us for using an e after potato, nobody said anything about with an s. The rosin cooking method orginated in the lumber camps of Florida as did hush puppies which were cornmeal, chips of onion, light sprinkle of black pepper, and Pabts Blue Ribbon beer; given to the dogs so the people could eat without whinning dogs. The hush puppies were cooked in regular oil, not the pine rosin.

-- mitch hearn (, January 22, 2002.

sorghum molasses

-- carol (, January 22, 2002.

Marshmellows are the best on sweep potatoes.....

-- Gary (, January 22, 2002.

oops, that should be sweet, not sweep potatoes.

-- GAry (, January 22, 2002.

The older I get I have problems spelling "The"---some of the words I have spelled since dirt--don't look right any more & then I'm always in a hurry--- I proff read then I post & if I re-read my posts there are always mistakes---but I figure /if I forget to post who I am/ ya all know by my writting & mis-spelled words & my !!!!!!!!!!!! Right???

Plus as far as I know we are all human anyway---if any of you are perfect--let me know & I will appoligize right now for all the mistakes I make!!!!!

Ok now for the potatoes----I'm a vegetarain---& I love to bake them & then grill fresh veggies & put on top of them----what I really like to do is add butter on top of that & herb seasoning-----then I really like to add some sour cream---- but my thighs don't need that----

I don't care for the sweet-stuff on my potatoes---if I'm going to eat sweet-- I want CAKE & that kind of stuff!!! HA! But I don't think there is a wrong way to eat a sweet potato---is there??????

-- Sonda (, January 22, 2002.

The BEST sweet potatoes I ever ate was when we were in Louisana it was at a private home and I got seconds and if I could have figured out how to do it politly and not seem gobbelasous I would have gotten thirds. I couldn't sweettalk the hostest out of the recipie, all I found out was that they were "Bourbon"sweetpotatos. I've played with this and the versonI've come up with is to cook, peel and mash a big bunch of sweetpotatoes, add a dollop of butter and what you think must surly be too much bourbon, and a good handful of brown sugar, top with crushed pecans and stick back into a -oh about 350 degree oven until youve carved the turkey and set the table and the kids have washed their hands and are actually sitting down

-- Kelly(KY) (, January 22, 2002.

Mitch, What part of Fl do ya'll call home. I left the land of conchs and crackers 15 yrs. ago. My dh and I grew up in central Fl. Strawberry country. My fil just came back with a truck load of navel oranges, red and plain, grapefruit, tangerines and strawberries. We've just about made ourselves sick eatin so many of them. Your talk of resin cooked potatoes really makes me homesick. My daddy squeezed cane to make syrup and that was what we liked on the sweet taters. He was from Ala. and dearly loved'em. My mama was born and raised in south fl. blessings Peggy

-- peggy (, January 22, 2002.

Peggy, I was born in St. Cloud, last lived at Winter Garden, Dad was born at Narcoossee, 15 and 441; Grand dad was born at Yeehaw Junction, 441 E. and I don't know, midway between St. Cloud and Melbourne, the rest was at lower left of Orlando back to 1838, and Ireland. I am 7th generation native Floridian. A rear breed that does not sit well on the nest!! I have seen $5.00 per acre land go to $50,000.00 per running foot of highway exposure. I moved back to America a few years ago due to all the immigrants in Central Fla.

-- mitch hearn (, January 22, 2002.

Mitch, I know what you mean about the changes. I grew up on Plant City and had a wonderful childhood. We lived on a dirt road until I was 10 or 11 and they paved it. I remember them driving long horned cattle down our road and hearing the cowboys crack their long "crackers". That rural life is no longer existant which is why we moved to middle Tn. My father in law came from this area so he moved back and we followed. Unfortunately this area is beginning to do the same thing. We are insulated from most of it because of where we live but the surrounding areas are filling up with housing developments and industry. I go to town so infrequently that they put up a small shopping center and I didnt know it was there until today. I guess progress will happen whether we welcome it or not. Blessings Peggy

-- peggy (, January 23, 2002.

Leftover baked sweet potatoes can be sliced to about 1/2 inch thick and fried in a bit of grease in a heavy (cast iron) skillet until very dark. Sprinkle a little sugar on them and it's the best thing you ever ate!

-- DAVID Constantin In Wisconsin (, February 22, 2002.

Rosin sweet potatoes what a treat!

Haven't had them in 20 years. Is there any way to get bulk rosin these days?


-- Alex Baker (, February 23, 2002.

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