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i have a brownie hawkeye flash(620 film i think). it is in mint condition. however, the box is not. i also have three sylvannia bulbs that came with it. i'm not positive if they are the originals, but i am pretty sure they are. they fit in the box perfectly. i am interested in selling this camera, but before i do i would like a true estimate of its value. thanks, robyn

-- robyn rebecca smyly (, January 22, 2002


Your Brownie


It's hard to tell from your message, but I'm assuming what you have is a Brownie Flash 620. I own that particular camera and I paid $8 for it on ebay. I've seen truly mint 620's go for $25 but that was with the entire outfit (box included) in nearly new condition.


-- John Reichenbach (, January 23, 2002.

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