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We've been doing our tax returns on line for several years now-we used a site by a company called (I think) Vest-but they are not doing it this year and it looks like we will have to buy software-any recomendations? Our returns are pretty stright forward-no self-employment forms or investments or anything. Thanks

-- Kelly(KY) (, January 22, 2002


TurboTax is pretty good, and if you already use Quicken or some other financial software, doing taxes is pretty straightforward, although what people need to remember is that recordkeeping is the most important aspect.

Even if you go have your taxes done, most accountants want you to fill in the info in an "organizer", and then they just plug in the numbers. Most won't touch "receipts in a shoebox" returns, or will make you pay dearly for being so haphazard.

-- GT (, January 22, 2002.

Sorry, hit the button too early. I meant also to say that with proper recordkeeping and a calculator, most people could do their taxes without any kind of software at all, unless they need to find out whether this or that is an allowable deduction, and you can either read tax books for that, or hire a CPA because they do keep up with that sort of thing.

-- GT (, January 22, 2002.

GT, I love receipts in a shoebox! When they bring them in trash bags I often shudder though!!!!

-- Melissa (, January 22, 2002.

Melissa, too funny!

You're right, but a file folder would be better. We use Quicken, so the few slips we have to do manually (as in aren't stored in Quicken) are for things like donations to Salvation Army, the library book sale and so forth. If you track mortgage and so on on your financial software, you're really just matching your records with the year-end statements you get.

If worst comes to worst, and someone is absolutely hopeless, they can always have the IRS do their taxes for them (but they will err on the conservative side, deduction-wise). Some areas have volunteers who do taxes for the elderly and low-income. I think the main advantage to software is that there are fewer errors.

-- GT (, January 22, 2002.

I'm afraid I wasn't specific in this request. We allways do our own taxes and have a pretty decent filing system set up. What I want to know is what softwear do you need to file electronically?

-- Kelly(KY) (, January 22, 2002.

I think all of them do, or your bank or credit union can do it (I don't think it costs very much) for you.

I don't see the point in filing electronically (I think the going rate is $10 or so) if you have to pay (or send extra documentation anyway), or even just to get your refund faster (usually all your year-end statements from others get to you by the end of Jan.), because if you file early the turn around is within a couple weeks, but some people think it is worth it.

I never could understand why many people would wait 'til April 15th to fill out for a refund--that really baffles me.

-- GT (, January 22, 2002.

Kelly, if you go to the IRS site, they have links that will take you to various companies that will allow you to file on-line. They have all of the forms and everything. You just fill in your inforamtion and it does the calculations for you. So you don't have to buy any software, just pay a small fee to allow them to be sent electronically. Some companies were H&R Block, Jackson/Hewlitt(I think?) and many others. The ones I saw were about $10-20 dollars, which allowed you to fill in and file all at once. It is:

-- Melissa (, January 22, 2002.

-Have used this for the past several years with no problem. Hope this helps, Dave

-- Dave (, January 22, 2002.

Turbo Tax is the way to go. It is also very inexpensive. Here is the advantages:

It has a screen by screen questions that you answer and gives easy to understand explainations of what it is asking. It also determines which way is the best way for you file based upon your personal income and expenses but the choice is then up to you. It prints out all the forms to look identical (even in font sizes,etc.) the actual returns. You have the option of sending in the forms or by filing electronically. If filed electronically, it gives you a confirmation code. It also tells you exactly where you mail your return, plus phone numbers, etc. If you have quicken, it is compatible and basically all you have to do then is hit a couple of buttons.

-- Karen (, January 22, 2002.

I'm glad you said that, Karen, becouse my husband came home last night with Turbo Tax! He had another one to-I think put out by H and R block. Some how, he got a buy one get one free deal and a rebate on the one he bought (I love it when he does that!) so he got like $70 worth of software for $15!!!

We file early becouse we get a rebate and because we don't like stuff like that hanging over our heads_ hate procrastinating (though sometimes I do!)

We file electronically because My husband and son are "Chip-heads" and they would eat and breath through the computer if they could.

-- Kelly(KY) (, January 23, 2002.

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