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Recently I have bought a Macro Lens (sigma 105, f2.8). I try to get some photo from flowers. Unfortunately I am NOT able to use the "Depth of Field" technique in order to focus the foreground and background of a flower. If I focus on front, the background of flower would be out of focus. Also I would like to know what would be the combination of this lens with close up filters?

-- Dave (, January 22, 2002


Re: Macro Photography

There are a couple of different ways to attack your problem - lack of DOF preview. One is to do some calculations to determine the amount of depth of field you have at any given f-stop for your lens. There are several DOF calculators available on the web including mine at The other way is to shoot some film and record your f-stop settings for each shot. This should give you a feel for what the lens will do.

As far close-up filters go, I wouldn't bother with them unless you have a need to go beyond 1:1 ratio on your negative.

I have seen some good pics shot with the Tamron lens. Post a link to some of your work when you get a chance.

-- Tim Brown (, January 22, 2002.

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