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We lost our Buff Orpington rooster last summer and will need to replace him this Spring. We had seven roosters (before butchering) from the same hatchery, and I kept the most docile one, but he turned out to be a tyrant just like the rest. I've heard some of you mention that you have buff roosters that aren't mean, and I am wondering if it's just the breeding stock at the hatchery I used. For those of you that have nice buff roosters, from which hatchery did you get them? (And hopefully, they'll be shipping when I need to order!) Thanks.

-- Sharon/WI (, January 22, 2002


Hi Sharon, I had good luck with Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon, MO. I recently bought another rooster that orginally came from Ideal Hatchery in Texas. I've had him only 1 1/2 months but he seems a okay. Most folks I talk to think a rooster's disposition is pot luck. Regardless of the breed, there are ones that are nice and ones that are agressive. My first rooster was a Dominique that I raised from a chick. I thought because I raised him and didn't let anyone pick at him he would be okay. Well, he was one mean dude - if you don't believe me - just ask my husband how many bullets it takes to kill a rooster.

-- Mel Carroll in N.C. (, January 22, 2002.

We have Orphingtons also. I butchered all the young roosters and kept one. 'Rastus' rules. He protects his flock gently and firmly. I raised him from a chick also, and kept him as he was my favorite, ( him bieng the largest of the lot had a lot to do with it). I can catch, pet and do almost anything with the hens, but not Rastus. He doesn't bother me, although he does not like any inturders. I have had a few different chickens before, but love the Buff Orphintons. Something about their disposition I guess. If I had an extra rooster, I would be glad to share. By the way, I my first flock came from McMurray, and the second came form a Hatchery in NC. Can't remember the name, but there definitely is a difference in the birds.

-- Bear (, January 22, 2002.

My Buffs came from Belt Hatchery in CA. Excellent pullets, hopefully will make good setters-didn't buy any roosters, though.

-- Jim NE KY (, January 22, 2002.

I sure wish you weren't so far away. I have an extra buff rooster I have to get rid of. I bought mine locally but the person I bought them from got his first ones from MacMurray. I think the most agressive rooster I ever had was a Rhode Island Red. He was mean!!

-- Faye (, January 22, 2002.

Well, Mel, you just blew my theory out the door. The Cackle Hatchery is where I got my chicks the first time around! I must have had bad luck. I was happy with their service, so I'll just try again. To those of you who offered to share one of your roosters, Thanks!, and I wish you were closer, too!

-- Sharon/WI (, January 23, 2002.

Hi. I got my Buff Orpingtons from McMurray. I had 5 roosters and they were all mean, but only to people. I started crowing at them and taking threatening (to a chicken) stances. They quit attacking me, but they kept after the children so we ate them (the roosters, not the kids). We have a Dominique rooster that behaves himself.

-- Gayle Smith, KY (, January 28, 2002.

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