Just wondering how President Copeland and others are doing.

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I was just wondering if somebody knew how President Copeland and missionaries that served in his mission. I served there from March 1988 to March 1990. I see that the Adriano family are listed on this site. Maybe one of you could tell me how some of the portuguese Elders from our mission are doing as well. I haven't been keeping in touch with anybody and wondered how they are doing. Is there going to be a Mission reunion any time soon? You can either post here or send me an email at samjcollett@cs.com. Thanks, Sam Collett

-- Samuel Collett (samjcollett@cs.com), January 21, 2002


I understand that President Copeland is doing well and actually living in Portugal. While serving as Mission President he fell in love with the mission home maid and they began a happy affair. The Brethren weren't impressed with this happy bliss so he got excommunicated after his mission when they found out.

-- Brian K. P. Ackerson (bkpacker@hotmail.com), July 08, 2002.

Anyone have any other news about the alumni from this mission? I served from May 88 until November 89.

-- Lisa Nish (writethis4u@lvcm.com), November 28, 2002.

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