butchered first chicken!

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and guess what we are having for dinner!?! a friend gave me a rooster he needed to get rid of to practice on before i actually raised them for us, another friend came over to teach me. she actually whacked the head off (the first time for her, actually) because i couldn't hit the same spot twice with an ax and couldn't find the hatchet, and she was worried i'd hit her hand (as was i).

i must say, i am surprised at how easy it was and how little time it took!!!! and, it isn't "queasy" on me after the "deed" was done. i've butchered deer before, and it gets me every time. i think it is because i have looked at so many dead chickens over the years, that this was no big deal.

my daughter opted out of THIS homeschool project. my son was right in there, though he got a bit "grossed out" as i cleaned everything out.....

i feel so silly for being so pleased with myself, but i actually called my dad and a couple of friends to tell them what i had just done.

and this was from a vegetarian for 13 years. so, i developed this attitude of "meet your meet, know who you eat". i figure if i'm going to eat it, i should raise it up and do it myself....

-- marcee (thathope@mwt.net), January 21, 2002


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It'll be better if you save it for dinner tomorrow. We like to give the meat 24 hours chill time in the fridge before we either freeze it or eat it. The only time we ever ate it without doing that, it was very tough.


-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), January 21, 2002.

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That's great Marcee! The first time is so intimidating, it's a real relief to get through it. Please don't cook it today - as said above, you will probably be really disappointed by how tough it is. An absolute minimum of 24 hours in the refrig. really is required.

-- Dianne Wood (woodgoat@pacifier.com), January 21, 2002.

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I'm impressed, Marcee!!! Ya did good :-)!!!

-- Marcia (HrMr@webtv.net), January 21, 2002.

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Wow, there are lots of Marci's Marcias, etc. on here!!! Way to go Marcee!! Not only would I let it sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours, I would brine it for about the last 6 hours before you cook it. Use 1 cup of salt to one gallon of water. Just let it brine in the fridge for the last 6 hours.

-- Marci (Marci@amazingrazefarm.com), January 21, 2002.

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Hey! What if you don't have a fridge and it's summer? Thinking...thinking....AHH!, I have a spring. Put it in a covered crock and set it in the spring (back in the woods) and tie up the dogs, racoons, bobcats and coyotes? Anyone?

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (cobwoman@yahoo.com), January 21, 2002.

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Way to go girl! I agree - wait 24 hours. Even then, being a rooster, he just might be tough anyway - so don't get discouraged and think that all homegrown chicken tastes like that. The Cornish Rock cross chickens are so good you wouldn't believe it. What a great feeling of accomplishment huh?

-- Katie (homesteader@accessnevada.com), January 21, 2002.

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I had my banker come to help butcher chickens along with her son and two other girlfriends. I couldn't bring myself to do any of it. I am a whimp and admit it. If I had to subsistance farm all by myself, I would have to go vegetarian all the way. My son and his friend (my bankers son) played "the grim reaper" with hooded sweatshirts and all. It was pretty funny! I did help out after the gutting ans such was done. I kept water hot and cold and cut up and bagged everything. I was also very generous with the killed birds and everyone left with armloads.

-- Susan northern MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), January 21, 2002.

Response to buterchered first chicken!

Congrats Marcee,

It is easier to kill an animal that you don't know 'personally'. I agree about letting it sit at least 24 hours. Don't freeze it either until it has set.

-- Charleen in WNY (harperhill@eznet.net), January 21, 2002.

you're so brave! no way I could do that unless I was on an island somewhere starving. but then, my chickens all have names. :-\

-- Kath (bronzemythighs@aol.com), January 23, 2002.

Hello Marcee,

I, too, just butchered our first turkey and rooster this past month. It was an experience I will always treasure! Honestly. We, too, homeschool our three children. One was video taping, while the other played solemn tunes on the piano, and my 10 year old boy laughed from a distance (not to get blood on him). My 14 year old wrote a paper on the killing if you are interested in reading it. It is a riot, and I would be glad to foward it to you.

Sincerely, Kelli Smith

-- Kelli M. Smith (starmanandfamily@hotmail.com), February 23, 2002.

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