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The current January world outlook is that, yes, there will be mosquitos. Lord knows, there will always be some mosquitos somewhere. If not Laramie, then Malaysia, the Arctic wastelands, or perhaps in the Texas sea marshed.

The current 1000 Day outlook for 2002 is more favorable however. Low winter snows so far and warmer than average temperatures bode well for an early, short, and light Laramie mosquito season that should end well before the 1000 day this year starts. But check back for future mosquito outlooks!

-- Swampfox (, January 21, 2002


The February prediction for this coming summer's mosquito crop is ready for release: recent snowfalls in early February have given the snowpack a little lift, and that makes for an improved (if you're a mosquito) outlook for this summer. But the mosquito staff still regards it as likely that we will experience a short and early mosquito season in 2002.

-- Swampfox (, February 13, 2002.

Just past mid-March now, the mosquito outlook has blackened considerably due to numerous and large snowfalls over the past few weeks, leaving an ample amount of surplus stored (frozen) water on the landscape for a fine watery environment in May/June for mosquito larva. Anyone planning to be around Laramie during the critical 3 week period following the Summer Solstice better start lining up their mosquito repellant stockpiles now.

-- Swampfox (, March 18, 2002.

Despite snow this weekend, the local watersheds are noticeably drier than normal, and based on that the Laramie Mosquito Forecasting Bureau is currently calling for a very mild mosquito season that will begin and end earlier than usual, probably missing the 1000 Day timeframe altogether.

-- Swampfox (, April 21, 2002.

Gawd! After the leanest pickings in years last summer, I was hoping for a bumper crop!

-- Dragen V. Fligh (, January 22, 2002.

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