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What is your favorite item in the kitchen? Or if you could not do without one utensil in the kitchen what would it be?

-- Brad (tdhgd8487457@aol.com), January 21, 2002


I couldn't do without my favorite paring knife, I tell the family that if it is lost I quit cooking!

-- Mona Lea in s.e. missouri (monalea@hotmail.com), January 21, 2002.

I'd say my microwave oven! It's so easy to warm a quick cup of coffee or to defrost something quick.

-- Ardie?WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), January 21, 2002.

I would have to say my flat wisk it is great. It's a must have,if you cook alot. Brenda The Farm

-- Ray Chesterville,Me (thecfarm@midmaine.com), January 21, 2002.

Mine is a toss up...it either has to be my favorite knife or my Silpat sheets. Don't know how I ever baked before Silpat!

For those of you unfamilar with Silpat, it is a silicone coated plastic sheet that fits inside your cookie sheets or cake pan so you don't have to grease the pan. It is oven proof to over 600 degrees. Nothing...and I mean absolutely NOTHING...sticks to them. You can also use them to roll out pie crust on or for candy making. I have also used them to bake bacon on for a crowd. I know they are available from Martha Stewart.com but they are expensive there. I bought mine on Ebay or there are other online kitchen stores you can get them at for around $25 each. Expensive..but I promise you...worth every penny and will last over 2,000 uses. You just rinse them off under the faucet.

-- Karen (mountains_mama2@hotmail.com), January 21, 2002.

I use to be a proffesional chef...so I would have to say .... My paring knife....I do everything from pare stuff...to turn cooking foods...it is my best friend and I also would resign from my kitchen duties if it were lost...LOL...like that would happen...My family would handcuff me to the sink if i tried...LMBO....I think i spelled pro. wrong...oh welll...LOL

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), January 21, 2002.

OH Gosh, I think I would have to say my 6 qt. pressure cooker. I just love doing my venison roasts in it, they come out "fall apart" tender. Hubby loves it too. But then there is my huge skillet with the glass lid, oh wait I love my cast iron skillet, but then again what would I do without my favorite paring knife. Oh, well somethings just can't be lived without. :-D

-- Kim in Indiana (kwcountrygirl@aol.com), January 21, 2002.

I would have to say my KitchenAid mixer, I love to make bread and can't imagine doing it on a daily basis without it! My coffepot runs a close second though....life without coffee just wouldn't be worth living! LOL

-- CJ (cjtinkle@getgoin.net), January 21, 2002.

I would like to add I have a hoosier. It's great to have to store extra seasons, Keep 25 pounds of flour at hand. Lots of extra storage space for all your favoite kitchen items. Has a great enamel top to roll dough or cut cookies. Years ago this was the only piece of kitchen cabinet many homes had.

-- Brenda (thecfarm@midmaine.com), January 21, 2002.

Only one? I really like my cuting boards. I don't have a special kinfe-wish I did.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), January 22, 2002.

This is a hard question to answer! I guess I couldn't do without my big cast iron skillet. It's seasoned to perfection. I use it for so many things from chicken fried venison steaks to indian fry bread to good old corn bread. I even use it outside over the fire to fry tatoes, fry bacon and hominy, or to bake bisquits! Yes I guess it would have to be that big cast iron skillet. Happy cooking!

-- cowgirlone in OK (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), January 22, 2002.

running water

-- steve (stevetamara@mindspring.com), January 22, 2002.

I must admit I am a kitchen gadget junkie. One thing I couldn't get along without is my Quisinart. Oh, yes, and my Food Saver.

-- Duffy (hazelm@tenforward.com), January 30, 2002.

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