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I have tried some of the strawberry plants from the catalogs, and they can"t take the heat, or the humidity. Surely there must be a verity that can grow here, And were to get the plants.

-- Irene texas (, January 21, 2002


We raised strawberries in Florida when I was a kid, zone 9, so I know it can be done. Do a search engine chase for Florida, Texas, or California supply houses; the Northern type strawberries are not heat adaptable.

-- mitch hearn (, January 21, 2002.

Irene, they are an EARLY spring crop here on the Gulf Coast, and you MUST keep them mulched with straw to keep the fruit from molding.

Comstock Nursery in De Leon Texas has "Eversweet" that are designed for our weather. Says will "produce even when temperature exceeds 80 degrees." Their address, etc... Comstock Nursery 2551 Highway 6 De Leon Texas 76444

254 893 6497

We have ordered pecan trees and pear trees from them, and they were good plants.

-- Rose (, January 21, 2002.

WOMACK...darn it, not Comstock.... shoot, I hate it when that happens!

-- Rose (, January 21, 2002.

thanks rose, I will get in touch with them. Sure would be nice to have some nice strawberries. And I will straw them,well not exactly straw, but some mulch. thanks again everyone

-- Irene texas (, January 21, 2002.

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