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Going antiquing is an educational experience for the homesteader. Many of the object now called "antiques" are old useful farm tools that have become antiquated bu the death of the diversified small family farm. I, eagerly buy up these mostly still useful tools. While many in our society buy these farm tools for decoration or to create a contrast between their own current opulence and the drudgery of life in the past, I buy them to use them. Honestly, nothing makes me so angry as to see useful equipment lying in someone's house or garden as decorations, when they ought to be being used as the person who forged or made them long ago intended they should be. What wastefulness, when someone mounts butter paddles on the wall in interesting patterns, or sits an old churn up on a shelf for looks. I have an old tart cutter that was welded by hand years ago. I think about the person that must have made it each and every time I use it. Last night I made chicken pecan salad with cream cheese, and served it with raised pastry cut with that tart cutter. The tart cutter is a tool and it is meant to be used.

Little bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, January 21, 2002


I'm with you to a point, little bit. At least those folks that mount the butter paddles on the wall are saving them from becoming additions to the local land fill or worse. I've gotten lots of useful tools from collectors who are moving, etc. My sister in laws just think I'm the poorest thing around, having to use those old fashioned things! Really gives me a chuckle. One was thinking of taking up a collection between the family to get me a washer when she came and I was using the double tub wringer job! Then she found out the automatic works fine, I just PREFER to use the old one. Good hunting! Jan

-- Jan in Co (, January 21, 2002.

Hi Lil' bit! How about all those nice old cast iron pots full of petunias hanging in yards? Had a hog butchering last week and had 3 of them going for different things. I'd love to aquire 1 or 2 of my own. The ones we were using belonged to the Grandma of Orville who's 72 himself.

Your right about the usefullness of most of those tools. I guess if they still work after being around long enough to be antiques, that's as good a recomendation as I need. Get 'em while you can still find 'em.

-- John in S. IN (, January 24, 2002.

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