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I am interested in getting started in scrapbooking. I was wondering if it was better to start off with one of those starter kits or purchase items as needed? Any suggestions?

-- Jennifer (, January 20, 2002


Jennifer--- I'm an old grandma--who is trying to put her trunks & trunks & trunks of pictures into some form of order & get them out of the acid photo ambums they are in /before I loose many of them---- there are many magazines out there with lots of ideas-----then I go to places that sell acid-free pages & books & one place I buy things at reasonable costs is Sam's club---as I buy my three ring notebooks & my acid free paper & clear folders to hold my pages & they also have all types of acid free pens & etc.-----I get ideas from the net that are free----& I do my own thing---but I have always been a free spirit---& done my own thing--- I like to do my own things but /am given other ideas by what others do also---- I think it is just personal choice-----I watch for sales as I like to save money ---but buy the things I see that I want to use at wholesale places or on sale---- I have soooo many photos I need to do ---if I worked on some everyday I won't live long enough to get all my pictures done----but then---my children & grandchildren can worry about it!! ha!!! I would say /it is personal choice &---how you decide what you want to do & how you want to do it---- Just look on the net & get ideas-or in books or magazines--then shop around---for what you want to do---

-- Sonda (, January 20, 2002.

Hi i'm 15 and have been scrapbooking for 6 years what i would suggest first is to go to the craft store like Joann Fabrics Or Michals and buy some PhotoBoxes they are acid free and linigin free and are great if you don't want to spend alot of money on storeing you photos while scrapbooking you could also label them and put my be put your grandchildrens pictures in one and your children in another. well i would first find out if there are any Scrapbook stores around you and if there is more than one then go and look at all of them their prices sometimes varriy extremely or order online the scrapbook stores are great and if you are a begginer then just ask the employees for help usually if you tell them what you are making the scrapbook for then they tell you what you need to know about getting to find a scrpbook store near you look in a phone book under crafts hobbies or some scrapbook or if you usally get a memory makers magizine they will have a directory of scrapbook stores in the back end that can tell you a few of them. oh and i suggest that you buy what you need to because most of the stuff in kis you more than likely will never use expecially if you like to do things your own way because im like that too well if you nedd any more advise just e- mail me at

Happy scraping Stacey

-- Stacey Stramel (, January 09, 2003.

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