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Are you the Irene in Texas that was recently visiting the Hal Lindsey forum? If so, what happened for the forum to shut down and is there another forum set up elsewhere? Blessings.

-- Jean in No. WI (, January 20, 2002


Dear Jean,

How sad the Hal Lindsey forum had to shut down, I got a E mail from Jack The monitor, And here"s the story, It seems that a few people were bashing TBN, where Hal has his program { Internation briefing} And when they were told they could no longer use the forum, They went straight to TBN, and told the folks there that People were saying bad things about Jan and her husband, Hal Lindsey had no Idea what was going on. PLus a lot of us were getting really harsh Emails from people we didn"t know, I got several myself. So rather than have Hals good name smeared they decided to shut down the forum.You can listen to Hal on thursday night, 7 30 eastern time, Its listed as International Briefing,

-- Irene texas (, January 20, 2002.

Irene, thanks for the info. Yes, it is sad that it came to that. Although I posted only once, I enjoyed reading all the threads. I sure miss going there as I am fairly new at my Christian walk and learned alot. Again, thanks.

-- Jean in No. WI (, January 20, 2002.

Please excuse my ignorance, but who is Hal Lindsay? What is TBN and who are Jan and her husband?

-- Ardie /WI (, January 21, 2002.

Hal Lindsey is a teacher, minister, prophecy teacher, He has wrote many books, His most famous was the [ the late great planet earth] TBN is a christian television station, And Jan and her husband own it. Hal lindsey talks on his program on thurs. night about world affairs and the connection to bible prophecy.

-- Irene texas (, January 21, 2002.

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