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Hi everyone,

I am Herb. Smith presently in Utah. I am going to retire the 30th of August this year and am looking for a place for a small Homestead. I have been looking on-line at the area around Davenport Washington, the area seems to fit the bill pretty good. Inexpensive property, rural, cold winters and warm summers. My interests include gardening, raising small animals, hunting and fishing. I will have a small retirement but may need to get a job (until I get a place setup and running at least), so the type of employment available in the area is one of the questions that I have, also medical facilities and anything else you think might be good to know. My wife and I hope to travel over there in late May early June, if anyone lives in the area we would be thrilled to stop by and visit for a spell if it is not too inconvenient.

-- Herb. Smith (, January 20, 2002


Herb, we live off of Hwy 2 about 80 or less miles from Davenport and pass through it several times a year on our way to Spokane. It is one of the very few economic viable town on that Hwy. All medical facilities would be in Spokane, but that is not that far away as well as major shopping. A commute to Spokane for a job would not be that big of a deal. It appears to be a very clean town and whenever we have stopped, the people are friendly. I would have no clue as to property values but you have access to that information. The fishing up by Banks lake is known for being good. We have some friends that fish farm off the Columbia above Grand Coulee and so the fishing is great there....especially around their pens at feeding time:) Please e-mail us and we would enjoy a visit from you both. Marie

-- (, January 20, 2002.


Thanks for information. My wife Brenda and I are planning on coming up there the last week of May, I will contact you via email when it is for sure, and hope we can get over to see you.

Thanks again for the reply, Herb.

-- Herb. Smith (, January 21, 2002.


Just moved to Davenport area in June of 2001. We were there for about a month. Now live outside Medical Lake, which is about 26 mi. east of Davenport. The whole area around is nice country, and my daughter and I have enjoyed living here so far.

As Davenport is a somewhat small community, you're employment options would probably be in Spokane. Also medical, shopping, etc. Although Davenport does have it's own hospital and nursing home.

Ft. Spokane is about 25 mi. north of town. Nice campground there with fishing, boat docks, picnic areas. Also casino across river from campground.

Don't know much about the hunting aspect of the area, as I haven't been hunting here, but I'm sure when you come someone will be able to tell you.

The folks in the area are very friendly and it doesn't take long to "fit right in", like it does in some small towns.

Good luck to you, and you are free to email me. ~~ Maxine

-- Maxine (, February 16, 2002.

Maxine, Hi! Herb and his wife are planning on coming up to this area for a visit this Spring. By the way, my sister lives just south of you, near Rosalia. She is big into goats and in fact has sold some to a lady up in Medical Lake. I was wondering if that would be you? We go through Medical Lake every time we go to her place. Anyway, nice to see someone from closer to home on the forum:)

-- Marie in Central WA (, February 16, 2002.

In Davenport you can see sofa in the distance... (I'm sorry -- I just had ta!)

-- snoozy (, February 16, 2002.


Thanks for the help and the information, sounds like a very nice place I am getting anxious to get over there and take a look. We plan to come the last week in May and stay one or two weeks, if it checks out good for us we will be back in Sept. to stay. Thanks again and stay in touch, Herb.

-- Herb. (, February 17, 2002.

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