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Lets say that the government said that starting in 2004 we could choose how our taxes are handled. I dont mean we can say, "give it all to the Military" or "give some to this part and the rest to that." I mean that we have a choise. We can send Uncle Sam lets just say $100 a year for HUD. Or we can send $100 a year to another simmiler organization. And this is done for most of the government programs out there. Which would you choose? The Government Programs or the privite ones? And why?

-- Michael Tator (, January 20, 2002


And I know the Idea wouldnt work. Just play along.

-- Michael Tator (, January 20, 2002.

it should start by the gov. explaining in detail what the different taxes are, how they work, and exactly were the money is a all time. real money in real time to the dollar and cent total accountability at all times , so the people can see their money working, and this might influance more money by he tax payer. a huge web site were the people can see the money working , imean really working, video of the actual labor of people fixing the roads buying school buses, research developments and scientific break thrus as they happen or fail, yo know like watching a surgery on tv. If they aregoing to take money then u should be able to alot alarge% to what your intrest are or to what affects you more directly. i could go on for days on ideas butthis is a start.

-- (, January 20, 2002.

But then we would have to pay taxes to pay for those videos and then some Buracrate would decide that we need a video showing how the videos are made (your tax dollars at work).

*And here I am pointing a camra into a mirror so you can see what I do. And just think, Uncle Sam is doing this for you at the low low price of $50 a year per person in the US! Thats not much...(cleans mirror with $10,000 bottle of windex)*

-- Michael Tator (, January 20, 2002.

How would the CIA ever get funded if they can't hide it?

-- gail missouri ozarks (, January 27, 2002.

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