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Every once in a while we get an influx of new people! I want to welcome you all to a kinder, gentler forum on the internet! Our goal is to provide help, encouragement, advice, and ideas to one another in a way that is considerate and thoughtful. Any topics related to family or country living are allowed. No sarcasm, no profanity, no off-color jokes, no meanness or name-calling.

Rarely things get out of hand and I just delete the whole thing! I used to try to sort it all out, and only delete the troubling posts but now I don't. But this doesn't happen often!!

There is no problem with debate and discussion in a respectful way, but our main focus is not on political or controversial topics. More family oriented subjects should be the focus of all postings. If your child stumbles onto this we want them to be able to read it! As I said we rarely have any troubles, and I would like to keep it that way!!

I want to thank "everyone" who keeps this going each day. It has truly become like a family, and I appreciate each and every person who contributes in so many ways!

-- Melissa (me@home.net), January 19, 2002


Melissa, I appreciate the hard time-consuming work you put in to make this an enjoyable place to give and get useful info.

Thank You - Carol

-- carol (kanogisdi@yahoo.com), January 20, 2002.

Thanks so much for the welcome Melissa. I hope to be a daily visitor. I really enjoy this forum. Thanks again.

-- Gina NM (inhock@pvtnetworks.net), January 20, 2002.

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