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What has been your experience rowing the new Maas Double? What were the conditions that day? Duration of your row? In your opinion, is the boat stable enough for novice rowers? What is its speed relative to flatwater doubles? Does the rigging fit you? (what is your weight and height?)

-- Steve Wells (, January 19, 2002


Dear Steve,

I consider myself an advanced novice, since I've been sculling just about a year. Prior to that I did sweep boats for about a year. I'm about 5'5" and 125-130lbs.

I used the boat during the winter months, usually with another woman my size and once with my husband. It did not work with my husband at all (we shouldn't go there). However, Barb and I grew to like the Maas very much. The weather conditions were generally good with little wind and rain. We rowed on Lake Union or Portage Bay.

Initially Barb and I somewhat struggled with the feel of the boat and getting it set. After two-three sessions of about two hours each, we started to feel very comfortable in the Maas. Once we learned to set the boat, it moved very cleanly through the water and was quite fun to row. It was very easy for the two of us to carry, launch, and retrieve out of the water. The more we used it, the more comfortable we became. The shell and rigging seemed to be well built and stiff. The velcro foot stretchers were very nice. Since we're still novices, it was great to have a boat we felt comfortable in, and have better performance characteristics than the older trainers we often use.

The only issue I had with the Maas was I always felt like the rigging was set too high if you will. If I followed my coach and let the blades fall in the water based on the oar balance point, then at the end of the drive or finish, the oar handles always ended up above my chest. If I struggled with the oars to lower the handles, then I didn't have much blade in the water. If I remember correctly, the spacer disks were all at the top in an effort to alleviate the problem. Someone else set up the spacer disks so they must have had a similar issue.

In spite of some difficulty, I did enjoy the boat and was sorry to see it go. I hope to have another opportunity to try the Maas.

-- Steve Wells (, April 01, 2002.

Steve, I did row the Maas Double. I am a middle-aged novice recreational sculler and I weigh about 130. We rowed on days when the winds were light and the rain was heavy. Overall I liked the boat--especially it's light eight! ---We found that it was easy to row, moved well and was comfortable. I really liked the foot stretchers. We were rowing on cold mornings and they kept my feet much warmer than the lace-ups in the double we usually row. They were also much more adjustable than the others. We did find that the oars seemed "high" even when the spacers were all moved to the topmost position. I found that I could adjust to this. I think I would like the bailers if I used them, but we did not. I have missed the boat and would happily row in it again! Barbara Orcutt

-- Steve Wells (, April 03, 2002.

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