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I am storeing some exposed film in an extremely cold but dry enviornment for the next few months. Does anyone know if these can lead to problems? The temp is regularly below 0.

-- shane solow (, January 19, 2002


The film should come through okay. The storage temperature is only about 25 F, a temperature at which a lot of photography is done. Of course, the film must be brought to room temperature, or at least 60 F or a little more, before you process it.

-- Keith Nichols (, January 19, 2002.


I have heard of films being found in high mountain areas 25 or more years after exposure and the images were good.

A few days/weeks at low temps should have little effect. Perhaps slide film may show some shifts but neg films are unlikely- colour or B&W. The warnings are mainly for people who shoot 10 images a year and keep film in cameras from Christmas to the summer vacation.

Cheers Cheers

-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, February 03, 2002.

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