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I have a Kodak Brownie Model 1 camera made by Kodak Ltd. in London England. Would like to know if it's worth much and hear from anyone interested in purchasing.

-- Gerry Dellaire (, January 19, 2002


In reply to questions from Peter Lutz:

1. Specifically, does it work, meaning, does the shutter operate? Yes the shutter is fully operational. 2. Also, are the viewfinders clear and reflecting? Yes they are clear and reflecting. 3. Is the lens clear, or fuzzy? The lens is clear. 4. Does it have a handle (strap)? Yes it does have the original handle (strap). 5. What's the condition of the leatherette? The leatherette is in very good condition. 6. Is the faceplate scratched up? Very very minimal scrathing on the faceplate.

As far as I can see this camera has not had much use at all. It also comes in a carrying case, but I am not sure if it is original. It could be original, as the camera fits it like a glove.

-- Gerry Dellaire (, January 30, 2002.

I have an offer for you. Please contact me at my personal email.

-- Pete Lutz (, January 30, 2002.

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