Tanning hides w/acid

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Does anyone have the recipe for hide tanning with acid?

-- Red Neck (Secesh@CSA.com), January 18, 2002


I have not tried this but here is a link

Rabbit tanning

-- ourfarm (ourfarm@noaddr.com), January 18, 2002.

I used it for rabbit hides and it turned out very well. I have a coon skin in the solution now.

-- Jerry (johnh@moscowmail.com), January 18, 2002.

The thread on tawwing lists the CS issue. Let me know if you can't find it in the older threads and I'll start lefing through my CS reference library.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), January 18, 2002.

Hey with all the rabbits I raise the rabbit tanning site was great . We all get so much use out of country side magazine and this site . Thanks to all . Indiana Country Friend Jack Bunyard

-- Jack Bunyard (bunyard@cnz.com), January 19, 2002.

Hello, I tried my hand at tanning last year, I started with deer hides and it was alot of work, some I did with the fur on and some with it off. I used an acid for tanning. If you have old issues of Countryside it is in the Nov>Dec, 1999 issue. If you don't have that issue let me know by e-mail and I will send you the article. It has alot of good information. I never did get my hides finished because my hands are too weak to break them soft, so they are packed away until I can find someone to help me out. Good luck. Marlene

-- Marlene (mleiby@caprock-spur.com), January 19, 2002.

I have been looking for a recipe to use on a deer hide with the hair on. I know it's not the best hide for leaving hair on, however it's an albino hide and I would like to preserve the hair. Right now it's covered in salt waiting. I find the prospect of using acid intimidating especially with kids around who want to be a part of the process. The man who gave me the hide to work with would like a vest or boots made from it. Any other options?

-- Epona (crystalepona2000@yahoo.com), January 19, 2002.

Have you checked out the book "tanning your hide" it is in most libraries and some farm stores. I'm working on a coon hide at the moment with alum, salt & washing soda. Won't know for alittle while how well this method works. But the book has lots of choices..

-- Suzanne (weir@frontiernet.net), January 20, 2002.

There are a lot "acid" solutions and recipes. but it goes back to the safety and disposal.The salt alum solution should work and be safe enough. It is about all I have used and I found that hardest part is getting the hide worked enough after to make soft/flexible enough. If you don't work the daylihgts out of it you get something like cardboard! However, if I just want the peice for smaller stuff I leave that way till I have a project, cut off a section big enough for it, soak that and rework/oil it, then use, working a full hide is murder, no just a lot with other regular chores or a job! I have a dozen sheep hides sitting here salted and I keep looking at them and shaking my head, not today.

Anyway, whatever recipe you use. really plan it out. You might have time today to mess with it but will you in 2 days when it needs to come out and get rinsed. Plan it so that it will be ready to 'work' on a sat or sun when you have nothing else important to do.

good luck! An albino deerskin would be a treat to see....

-- Novina in ND (homespun@stellarnet.com), January 25, 2002.

Try www.taxidermy.net/supplies/index.html That is a list of suppliers that have anything you need for tanning a hide

-- John R (jroution@kih.net), January 31, 2002.

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