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about 3 or 4 years ago i got a soap recipe out of countryside. it was measured in cups not oz.i used it all the time but havent made soap in a year and cant find it. does anyone have it?? thanks.. cody

-- cody (, January 18, 2002


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-- Lin Souliere-Bell (, January 18, 2002.

Was it the one using; 2 quarts melted lard, 1 quart water and 1 can (12 oz.) lye?

-- BC (, January 18, 2002.

I use a really easy receipe that is found in Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way by no other than Jerry Belanger. I probably have the magazine if you can remember about when it was ??? This receipe does use ounces and pounds but really easy. I'll give it to you just in case you can't find yours !! Just let me know !! Good Luck !!

-- Helena (, January 18, 2002.

I am new to this sight but would love to have that recipe too...We only use lye i make alot...

-- Kristean Thompson (, January 18, 2002.

You can use goats milk in any soap recipe... just us it in place of the will love what it does for you skin... I make and use it and sell it all the time....I have found that I very seldom ever need lotion anymore. I would suggest that when you get ready to make your soap you freeze your GM and then break it up and add the lye to the frozen GM... and Keep stirring until the milk is melted doing this will keep it from burning and putting off a nasty amonia smell. Also GM will tend to put your soap through a gel phase as it will get pretty warm in the mold.... unless its really cold you generally dont have to insulate your soap mold.. feel free to email me if you have any questions.... I am new to this forum but not new to soap making lol.....

-- Trina (, January 19, 2002.

Here's the receipe out of the Goat Book.I'll copy it word for word so I get it right. But I have made wonderful soap out of this and I'm not all that accurate with measuring either. I do put the oatmeal in the blender just for a second or two before adding to the receipe.Here goes !!! GOAT MILK SOAP....Pour 1 can of lye into 3 pints of goat milk. ( Be sure to follow the directions and observe the warnings on the lye can label) Stir with a wooden spoon. When the mixture is warm (don't touch the lye solution, just feel the outside of the container) pour 5 1/2 pounds of clear lukewarm fat into it (goat fat is best) Keep stirring while adding the fat. Add 4 heaping teaspoons of Borax and 2 cups of finely ground oatmeal. Add 2 ounces of glycerine and stir 15-30 minutes or until it starts to harden. Pour the mixture into molds (plastic foam drinking cups make a fine mold) or using rubber gloves shape the soap into balls. Let it ripen for 3 weeks or more..older soap is bettter. It might have a peculiar ordor at first, but this will disappear with age. Good Luck !! I use a large gallon glass jar for the mixing and a wooden spoon and keep both JUST for soap making. I pour mine into an old metal flat pan of some sort..old broiler pan from an oven...and in a week or so you can cut it into squares before it gets too, too hard. It is wonderful for dirty garden or car grease hands. I get Red Deveil drain cleaner in the stores for the lye and the glycerin at any drug or Walmart store. Since I don't have any goat fat around usually I buy the fat or even use the suet for birds from the meatcutter in your local store. If you have a Mom and Pop grocery store nearby they can usually get you the fat you want and then I just melt in down on the stove top first. Give it a Try !!!

-- Helena (, January 19, 2002.

b.c. no thats not the one. it solid shortning,oilve oil,almond oil,coconut oil and red devil lye. but i cant remember the mesurements or temps. thanks to everyone that contributed an answer. it wass a few years ago , i know it was measured in cups not driving me crazy looking for it. i have a friend in the oilve oil business and he sends me barrels of coconut oil and gallons of oilve oil and almond oil. and its just sitting in my kitchen.nice friend huh??i'll keep looking. cody

-- cody (, January 20, 2002.

Cody, the recipe I use is 3 pounds (48 oz.) shortening, lard or oil, 1 can red devil lye (6 1/2 oz), 3 cups of water.

Melt the lard, remove from heat and let it cool to 95-98 degrees. (hold your hand over it, should be body temperature). Put water in a glass jar, add lye slowly, stir with the handle of a wooden spoon. Place the whole jar into a bowl of cool water to help the lye mixture cool to 95-98 degrees. ( the same as the lard ) I place my hand over the lye jar to tell when it is body temperature. Takes about 1/2 an hour. Add lye water to lard slowly and stir constantly til thick. (any coloring or scent can be added when the soap thickens or traces) Pour into box or molds.

On the lard, you can use any mixture of shortening, lard, and oils, just make sure they come to the 3 pounds (48 oz.). You can also add liquids (milk) to the water, just make sure the total comes to 3 cups. I've had good luck with this basic recipe.

-- cowgirlone in OK (, January 20, 2002.

thank you for all your answers and for taking the time to respond. cody

-- cody (, January 23, 2002.

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