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Texas man sexually tortured for days in small Nebraska town Fri Jan 18 2002 11:39:56 ET

A Texas man was sexually tortured and held against his will for nine days inside a downtown flower shop by its owner in Wayne, Nebraska, it was reported on Friday.

Business owner Roger Van, 55, is accused of luring 36-year-old Jonathan Cooper of Houston to the small college town last month via the Internet to begin a "sadistic bondage" relationship.


Their relationship included various forms of sex and torture. Authorities would not elaborate. Another man, 36-year-old Jerry Marshall, also participated, said police.

Van and Marshall were charged Thursday with sexual assault, two counts of assault, false imprisonment and terroristic threats after a search warrant was delivered at Van's flower shop.

Marshall helped Cooper escape after nine days in confinement, the AP reported.

Wayne, a community of 5,583 people, is 85 miles northwest of Omaha in northeast Nebraska.

-- truth (stranger@than.fiction), January 18, 2002


What else is there to do in Nebraska?

-- (, January 18, 2002.

You hit the nail on the head Roland.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, January 18, 2002.

I gotta wonder what the victim thought he was getting into when he answered an internet invitation for a "sadistic bondage" relationship?

-- (just, January 18, 2002.

He probably thought he was going to be one of the "bonders" not the "bondee".

-- (lol@crocodile.bondee), January 18, 2002.


I think I just came up with a great concept for a porno movie.

The star is Crocodile Bondee, an Australian cowboy who not only wrestles with crocodiles, he likes to molest them. He also likes to be bond up and tortured while he takes it up the ass from a bunch of sadistic Aboriginies.

Knowing the way our world works, someone has probably already used this idea.

-- (guaranteed@big.hit), January 18, 2002.

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