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can anyone give me some advice please, first letter from eversheds wanted 28,000 a second letter the following week asked for 23,600 they also refuse to discuss details about my ex's share of the debt, they claim I am liable for all of it, why the reduction in the second letter? has my ex paid some off as a final settlement? and if he has do I need to pay as well? is their any way I can find this information out? hopeing someone who may have had similar problems can give me advice? thank you caitlin

-- caitlin ralph (, January 18, 2002


Home Repossession Page note: This posting was created by someone who claimed to be Eversheds debt collector Lee Stephens. It has been removed because Abbey National and Eversheds claimed it was not posted by Lee Stephens.

Abbey National and Eversheds also claimed the post was defamatory.

Abbey National's letter concerning the post can be seen here.

Evershed's letter concerning the post can be seen here.

-- (Allegedly from) Lee Stephens ((allegedly from), January 23, 2002.

Like the answer from the solicitor who cannot spell 'unfortunately' despite his extensive studying!

Read everything on this site - use the site map and the repossession section. If you have no contact with your ex then you will not know whether or not he is paying or has paid an amount in settlement nor will Eversheds tell you. My fiance's ex-wife is paying 10 a month on a 38,000 shortfall and they are still chasing my fiance for the whole amount as they claim you are jointly and separately liable. However using the brilliant advice from this site it has gone from solicitor telephoning him every single day, writing and threatening court action on a weekly basis to us not having heard anything from them for 3 months now.

Follow the advice on this site about asking Eversheds to prove their debt and best of luck. You are not alone by a long way!

-- Chris (, January 23, 2002.

I think you should serve a SARN on Eversheds as they have a very bad reputation for withholding and giving misleading information.Be VERY,VERY careful in dealing with them...letters only and insist on all the proper procedures being followed.If you feel they are not complying,report them to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors as everyone in this situation should.

-- anon (, January 23, 2002.

Surprise, surprise checked Eversheds website and nobody there by the name of Lee Stephens - only one Stephens working for Eversheds and it's not Lee!

-- Sonia (Sonia (, January 24, 2002.

Oh yes he does! Lee stephens does work at Eversheds I've Had many letters from him concerning shortfall and many threats of court action.

-- Daren Otsay (, January 24, 2002.

I think our "solicitor friend" (who is obviously no solicitor, just a plain 'ol debt-collector), and his comments are not worth all this attention.

As for the original question, IMHO these people will claim that the earth is flat if they feel it will get more money out of you. Assuming you know his location, could you not ask your ex if he has settled with them.

Until they prove to you that their claim will hold water in court (by providing you with the documents they will rely on in court), then you admit nothing and pay them nothing. Write to them and ask for documents to substantiate their claim, and also ask them for a breakdown of the figure 28000 for account number xxxx, with a further sentence as above for the 23600 on the same account number.

They are likely to reply saying the lower figure was an admin error. this will give you more ammo i.e. Please explain how you can make an error of such proportion (or words to that effect). This brings into question the reliability of any other figures they give you in their breakdown of the claim and the competance of their staff (more ammo for future letters).

Good luck


-- (, January 24, 2002.

god bless Eversheds....the bggest debt recovery firm in Leeds with by far the highest turnover of staff...why? becauce in my opinion they are crap unorganised greedy money grabbing, and tight fisted.

-- who knows (, February 13, 2002.

christinauk, very interested to read about the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, could you give me an address for them. The solicitors I am dealing with Addleshaw Booth & Co, will just not co operate, they are ignoring my requests and persist on sending repetive letters just requesting me to make an offer as either full and final or begin monthly payments. I am getting nowhere fast and desperately want to resolve this situation but unable to as they refuse to send me what I ask for. Thanks

-- Jessie (, February 14, 2002.

complain to the law society

-- he knows (, February 15, 2002.


That's about what all solicitors do after a while. Repetative letters, ignore your questions etc etc.

You could try the law society but until matters go forward they have not strcitly done anything wrong - howver much it seems like they have.

-- matt (, February 15, 2002.

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