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I'm trying to find the location of the depot that serviced the Kelly or Douglas community in Dale County, AL. Kelly (used to be known as Douglas) is located just outside Ft. Rucker and next to Daleville, AL. Also, would like info on Waterford depot if possible. Any and all info would be appreciated.

Rich Johannes

-- Rich Johannes (, January 18, 2002


You may want to try archives of Alabama Midland Railroad. It ran by the brick factory and tht was the stop then called Kelly for one of the first settlers John R. Kelly. It originally was called Douglas for the POffice which was discontinued in 1917. There is a Kelly Church on the Daleville highway that is there today. There may not have been an actual depot, just the stop for the brick factory. The brick factory is still there in a very rusted delapidated condition but seen from the highway. I do have a picture of this factory in its rusted condition,not the original. You can find info about it in "Piney Woods Echoes: A History of Dale and Coffee Counties", Alabama, Elba, AL: Elba Clipper, c1949, 212 pages. author Fred S. Watson. Go to any public library that subscribes to Heritage Quest and enter your library bar code for access and go to Dale Co.,AL.

-- Marjorie Kelly Johnson (, January 06, 2004.

Douglas was on the Atlantic Coast Line branch that came off the main at Waterford, so you might consider trying the ACL/SAL Hist. Soc. Good luck.

-- David Harris (, January 18, 2002.

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