2-Step Female DJ - ANNALYZE available for Bookings

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To anyone interested:

This is Flex in Upstate, NY - I'm taking care of the skyehigh Booking agency and just wanted to let everyone know about:


If anyone is into 2-step and Breaks.... Holly shit... this girl is wicked.... Def blowing up and an amazing crowd pleaser.

scratchin-smooth mixin-N-a whole shakin goin on'

If any promoters are interested just let me know... We have many more talents on our Roster including the #1 Happy Hardcore DJ in Upstate, NY --- GUY SMILEE

Flex skyehigh.com

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2002


hey man i am a promoter in winnipeg canada and am interested in seeing who you all have on your roster. dj annalyze is dope and i was wondering if i could get some info or demos on your other artists as well. thanx alot kevin

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2004

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