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I post from that 'other forum': [quote] Bill... As Mark said..."Been there...done that"....but instead of the t- shirt....I got the scars.

My advice?? Leave. It ain't worth it.

Let me tell you what will happen.

The church will split.....feelings will be hurt. Things will go alright for a year....maybe two. Then...old members will begin talking to members that left....and everyone will come to the conclusion..."It was the Preachers fault."'ll end up having to leave anyway....your fellow preachers will talk about you at their "causing trouble in the church." Your reputation will be tainted because in everyone's caused the problem. Friends in the church that stand by you now....will later turn against you when they disagree with something you do. They will throw it up in your face that "YOU caused people to leave."

So in my opinion....and in my practice from now's better I think to take the words of Jesus when they will not listen to sound teaching...."brush the dust off your feet" and move on.

Does it get old?? Yep!!

But then...the longest ministry Paul ever had was three years.

I assure you's a no win situation.

I'm a "realist." I hope you appreciate honesty.....forthrightness....and the experience of someone who has been there.

-- Danny Gabbard, Sr. (, January 18, 2002. [/quote]

Do you think that Danny MIGHT have been at fault?

-- Connie (, January 18, 2002


From reading gabbies diatribes it sure sounds like it. What a wuss.

*I* can tell you from experience that to "just leave" is the coward's way out. Paul could have just dropped his accusation and gotten out of going to Rome....he didn't. He went because he was meant to preach to Gospel to the highest levels of Roman government....good thing he wasn't a wussy-boy like...."others".

*I* have been through similar situations and amazingly....I would give the OPPOSITE advice that neopharisee gives.....WORK THROUGH IT. For to this end we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.[emp. mine]

What is Paul saying to Timothy here? He is talking about teaching sound doctrine, staying away from old wives tales, etc. We will be persecuted for teaching the truths of, DUH! I worked through a situation like that and things couldn't be going better now....nearly ten years later. Bottom line is, problem people left the Church and we were able to move forward without those hiderances.....hmmm....maybe that is what gabbies previous churches remove the "hindurance".

But remember, I've already shown that anyone that disagrees with gabbies philosophy is subject to it any surprise that people he disagrees with leave the church...and he blames THEM?? It shouldn't be. The guy can't face reality. When he cares more about what people think of him and his "reputation" than doing what God has called preachers to has to wonder just how "called" someone like that really is.

Isn't it ironic that Gabby quotes Jesus to defend his wussy self protecting cowardice in his personal situations....when Jesus NEVER even defended himself at his own "trial"? When Pauls speaks of those that suffer persecution and gladly have their things confiscated....for the sake of the Gospel?

Why would anyone worry about their own "rep"....unless there is something to the accusation of 'YOU cause people to leave'? Hhhmmmmmm....

-- Joe (, January 23, 2002.

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