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Hi Everybody,

My dealer also confirmed that the Sennas went into production on the 14th and will be delivered in 30-45 days. He quoted me a price of $27,400 out-the-door... My questions: what has everyone been told about pricing? Does $27,400 delivered sound about right or a little much? Also, is this bike slated to have the "full" SPR engine (146 hp)? What other differences will it have over the S/SPR (other than cosmetic, of course) Sorry if I sound ignorant, over the last year or so there have just been alot of talk and rumors about these bikes, but now that they are finally coming, there doesn't seem to be alot of info!!

Regards, RL

-- ramana (, January 17, 2002


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First news story about MV in a long time, and it's a good one. It's glad to see that Francis wait is shortening.

-- mod (, January 22, 2002.

My dealer in Australia has confirmed that the Senna and SPR engines are the same with 144HP at the crank. Aparently they went back to the drawingboard with the motor to find more power after making claims that they were going to have the most powerful 750 on the market. Hence the rather late delivery of the Senna. I believe the SPR will follow.

I hope summer does not end down here before my senna arrive...!!!

Regards Rob

-- Robert (, January 18, 2002.

Guys, I too have just received notification that Senna production has now commenced with an expected UK delivery some time in February, unfortunately only the month is stated, not the year !! However, having placed my deposit for the bike way back in March, 1999, I quite look forward to take delivery although I won't be holding my breath. From past correspondence in the various motorcycle journals I would reckon that the Senna will be an SPR in all but name and colour, with a production run limited to 300 only, but on this score I remain sceptical knowing what the same management team did with the Ducati 916 Senna. The UK cost quoted in the letter is 15850, which, with the current exchange rate, equates to around $23000 USD.

-- Francis Duguid (, January 21, 2002.

My Senna was in this country (GB) last Monday the 11 Feb. It cleared its shipping / customs paperwork on Fri 15. I expect delivery this end some time this week.

-- Tony beckwith (, February 18, 2002.

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