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I found the news today that Stuart Goddard, better known as Adam Ant, was sent to the mental hospital very sad. He was one of my favourites in the 80's, the decade where the men wore the make-up and wore it better than us girls LOL I thougght he looked great with his outfits and that white strip across his face. Like so many "stars" who find fame he did not seem to find lasting happiness to go with it. To us it appears they heve it all, celebrity status, money etc. Adam Ant appears to have had problems with relationships and drink, if the papers have it right, well he sure has problems with something. And it seems to have come to a head when he was due to start a bit of a comeback with an 80's tour. I sure hope he can sort himself out.

-- Linda (, January 17, 2002


I feel bad, but I don't know who he is LOL! My stepmom might though, I'll tell her...

-- Monica (, January 17, 2002.

Yes, I read about Adam Ant's troubles too...I think that people who strive to become famous and do not look at the whole picture are the ones who have the problems...they just want to 'make it big' and they don't consider their families, friends, or selves until the fame has become too big for them to handle...of course, never having been famous, I could be wrong...but it is the rare person that can handle the fame, it seems...I hope Stuart gets the help he needs, and returns to doing what he loves best, whether that is making music or not...

-- Mic (, January 17, 2002.

I think you are quite right there Mic. I think most seem to lose sight of what is important and real in life and get caught up in all the hype about them. When thats all gone, they seem at a loss.

Thats one reason I sure hope Heath can stick to what he says and not get taken in by all thats going on around him. I'd hate to see anything happen to him down the line.

-- Linda (, January 18, 2002.

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