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April 1993: Waco - The worst law enforcement debacle in U.S. history, resulting in 80 Branch Davidians dead, including more children than died in the Oklahoma City bombing.

May 1993: Travelgate - Travel Office chief Billy Dale and his six underlings were summarily fired because, in the words of Hillary Clinton, "We need those slots for our people." Dale was prosecuted to justify the move but a jury found him innocent after deliberating just 90 minutes.

June 1993: Filegate - In their rush to implicate Dale in criminal wrongdoing, Clinton aides illegally obtain his confidential FBI file. In the coming months 1100 more FBI files would follow. The scandal wasn't uncovered till 1996.

July 1993: Fostergate - White House deputy counsel Vince Foster is found shot to death in a Virginia park as senior Clinton aides scramble to remove documents from his office. Police call it a suicide but little blood and no bullet are found at the death scene. The man who discovered his body said he saw no gun.

November 1993: Sexgate - White House volunteer Kathleen Willey has a private meeting with President Clinton in the Oval Office ante room to beg for a paying job. He sexually attacks her, stopping only when a visitor enters the Oval Office. Willey's husband Ed is found shot to death the next day.

December 1993: Troopergate - Four Arkansas state troopers come forward claiming President Clinton had them procure hundreds of women for sexual liaisons. In an American Spectator article breaking the story, reporter David Brock cites a woman named "Paula." Six months later Paula Corbin Jones files suit against Clinton, setting the stage for his impeachment in 1998.

December 1993: The White House admits that Whitewater documents were removed from Vince Foster's office and hidden in Mrs. Clinton's bedrooom closet.

After Clinton's 1993 record, with enough sex, death and assorted other shenanigans to keep any ten tabloids in business, Democrats hyping Enron are going to have to hand out industrial strength No-Doz just to keep Americans awake.

the article was blantently plagiarized from

-- Ain't Gonna Happen (Not Here, January 17, 2002



Well, look who crawled out of the woodwork! Were you afraid to give Unk an email for the private forum?

Regarding your post, it looks like you are still living in the past. Let's hear about something that matters now, like your hero who is leading our country to certain demise, King Idiot Dumbya.

-- (bwaaahahaa@haaahahah.haaahaa!), January 17, 2002.

"We may get to the bottom of this very quickly, or we may decide to drag it out for 8 years like the Whitewater investigation (heh-heh)."

Who's "still living in the past"? It looks like you, anonymous one.

-- Maria (, January 18, 2002.

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