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hi all - I have recently started experimenting with soapmaking and am thinking of ingredients that can be gathered from our spread. we have a great deal of arnica montana growing around the place and I'd like to add some to soap. has anyone here done this? arnica applied externally is supposed to be a good treatment for swelling and bruising. the root is the harvestable part of the plant so would you simply grind the root or perhaps soak the root and then use the water? I realize soap is probably not the most effective delivery device for arnica but am thinking it might have sales appeal in certain circles. ideas?

-- B. Lackie (, January 17, 2002


Yes be very careful using non-standardized ingrediants, your liability insurance will have 7 fits! I'd guess you'd soak it in oils but I'm NOT an expert! You could ask over at the Soap makers forum as well. That said and with ample proof I know what I'd be getting, if you do make some I'd like to buy a bar.

-- Ross (, January 17, 2002.

subject should be ARNICA not Anica. sorry. not that you can tell by looking but I do try to proofread. Ross - thanks for the reminder on the Soapmaking Forum. I posted the question there and have one answer in so far. I hear you on the liability issue. the whole regulatory and legal quagmire will most likely scare me away from commercial ventures but am thinking more along the lines of dealing with friends and acquaintances. if I make some you're first on the list after my family of guinea pigs get scrubbed.

-- B. Lackie (, January 17, 2002.

If it helps swelling I sure would be interested as sometimes my feet and legs swell so bad I can't even get a proper pair of shoes on. Let me know if you get your project done. Sally

-- (, January 17, 2002.

Hey no animal testing I'm volunteering!

-- Ross (, January 17, 2002.

Arnica tincture is great for swelling and pains related to overuse, bruises and injury, as well as arthritis type pains. Just be sure NOT to apply to broken skin.

You might be able to make and sell your own tincture, or sell the root to a wholesaler that manufactures arnica products.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, January 17, 2002.

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