Have you ever made salmon

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casserole instead of tuna casserole? Did it work? Did you add anything besides the usual stuff? Thanks

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), January 17, 2002


Dear Cindy, I don"t have a receipe, but do it by the seat of my pants. I use two cans of salmon, and reserve the liquid. I use two eggs and I mix these together, The salmon and eggs, Then I take juice from salmon and mix with milk to measure 1 1/2 cups of liquid. then stir this into your salmon. Now add 3 cups of cracker crumbs,2 tbs. lemon juice, 2 teas. chopped fine onion, 1/4 teas salt, 1/4 teas pepper, Okay now put this into a loaf pan. bake uncovered in 350 oven, about 45 min. This is how my mom made it in depression days, and its still the best. God Bless Irene

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), January 17, 2002.

Cindy----I make it the same way I do tuna---& also I make salmon patties --that is salmon mixed with egg & crackers & fried----- I guess it must be ok----I don't eat meat----& hubby keeps eating what I fix & he hasn't died yet----ha!! Seriously I am able to prepaer tuna & alsmon & some kinds of fish ibn my kitchen & it not make me really -really ill----if I fix anyother kind of meat in the kitchen for him----It makes me really ill!!!! So I fix him a lot of tuna & salmon & those type of dishes--- I always drain the salmon & debone it & get rid of what I call any nasty stuff---then fix it in waht ever way I plan on---- Did that help???? I do the salmon casserole that is noodles & cream of mushroom soup--- etc/etc/etc/--just like I do tuna---- now remember I don't eat this---so who knows maybe hubby only eats this to not hurt my feelings---but if he is /he eats the whole thing!!! ha!

-- Sonda (sgbruce@birch.net), January 17, 2002.

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