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Sex in Public Places

BERLIN (Reuters) - Norwegians have the world's strongest yearning for sex in public places, according to a survey publishedin Germany.

The survey by a publisher of romance novels of 6,600 people from 20 countries found Norwegians were more likely to have sex in public places than any other nationality -- 66 percent said they had had such sexual encounters.

The places where the sex took place included cars, trains, airplanes, beaches, parks, changing rooms, offices and libraries.

Australians came in second with 64 percent, Greeks were third at 60 percent, Sweden and Argentina were tied for fourth at 55 percent while Germany was fifth with 47 percent.

The survey by the Cora publishing house questioned about 400 people in each country, spokeswoman Nina Steinhart said.

At the bottom of the list was France. Only 13 percent of the French surveyed said they had had sex in public places -- even fewer than the 15 percent of Canadians and 21 percent of Americans.

-- capnfun (, January 17, 2002


I must note on how "predominantly empty" movie theatres are NOT on the list. Call me perverse, but a dark public place with only six people in attendance in a room that could accommodate hundreds [if not more], with everyone's attention on a screen... Not a bad movie, "Imposters".

-- Anita (, January 17, 2002.

Ok, I'm part of the 21%, but it was never in a movie theater. Anita, you shameless hussy! ; )

-- Pammy (, January 17, 2002.

Ya know, when I 1st read that your name came immediately to my mind Anita. Never had thought about 'public nekkid hat skulking' though, you kinky Norwegians.

-- capnfun (, January 17, 2002.

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