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Linda, How is the barn floor construction coming along? Kind of curious as to the progress of this project. Hope the new year has been good thus far and onward.

-- jonathan (, January 17, 2002


I haven't even started - we have had one problem after another. I feel like I am running the Boston Marathon only it's been going on for weeks. It is way to wet out there right now to even get a truck back there to clean it out. I want to get the new roof on before I start on the floor. I got some good tips from the fella that moved my greenhouse for me - he showed me how to get rid of the interior supports that someone else put in and rebuild the loft, so that will make the floor go much faster. As soon as I make some progress I will post pictures. Thanks for asking. Linda

-- Linda Al-Sangar (, January 17, 2002.

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