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Has a roster of existing ACL/SAL Hwt cars been compiled?

FGCRRM has ACL coach 1116, built by Bethlehem Steel in 1938. Are there any others of this class in existance?

-- Jim Herron (, January 17, 2002


Hey Buck, In the meantime, perhaps it be practical to make several new folders in the Forum; 1) Existing SAL Equipment (Freight, Passenger, etc.), 2) Existing ACL Equipment, and 3) Existing Equipment from all our sister roads (GA, A&WP, etc.). The thread might grow hgue, but at east we'd have a start. If the thread got too big we could just download it, store the information, and start again. Your Thoughts? John

-- John Golden (, January 21, 2002.

Like everything, I wish I didn't have a real job so I could work on our website ALL the time; however, with the perennial wolves barking at my door monthly....sad as that may time is somewhat limited to the extracirruclar activities of rr historical societies. I'll try to set this up this spring so that we can chronicle whatever it is that everyone wants chronicled.

Any and all suggestions cheerfully welcome.

Buck Dean

-- Buck Dean (, January 21, 2002.


I enjoy reading this message board along with the Central of Georgia message board also. The CofG board has recently added a section dealing with former CofG equipment still in existance where posters can also post information on the equipment listed. It is an excellant source of information and very easy to access. I mention this as a follow up to the above post. Whoever maintains this message board may want to check out the CofG board and maybe a database type section similar to the one on the CofG board can be added here. I'm certain it would become a great source of information. I'm not trying to plug the CofG board here, just offer it as an example of what could possibly be done. Besides, the CofG and ACL cooperated on many Midwest-Florida trains via Albany so why not, in the spirit of historical cooperation, see what may be available to better make this type information more readily obtainable.

The address of the CofG site is: After getting there, click on existing equipment to access this treasure trove of info.

Appreciate all the great posters and wealth of information here.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, January 20, 2002.

There is one of those coaches at Ft.Meade,Fl.

-- Joseph Oates (, January 17, 2002.

The Okeefenokee Heritage Museum in Waycross GA has a preserved ex- ACL coach which is either an A-15 or A-16 series. I'd have to dig out my photos to be sure. You can actually walk through it. I believe there's a good chance this was one of the very few heavyweights to receive Seaboard Coast Line lettering. I noticed this when I first saw the car in the late '80's. On my last visit two years ago, I discovered the museum did too good a job repainting the car, so it's not possible to detect previous lettering schemes beneath the new surface. Not sure about the car number, but I'll check on it and post back.

By all means- we should start to compile a roster of existing equipment! There's a lot more scattered about the continent than we probably realize.

-- Bob Venditti (, January 17, 2002.

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