sprouting seeds

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I wish to sprout some seeds for the chickens,, oats and old bean seeds,, but so far,, nothing is sprouting. I soak them for 24 hours, ,drain,, keep moist and warm,, but nothing yet. ANy suggestions ?

-- Stan (sopal@net-port.com), January 16, 2002


I sprout wheat seeds by putting them in a bucket soaking them for a day then drain and rinse them with clean water every day and turn them in the bucket with my hand to give the ones on the bottom some air.Make sure they don't start molding.Sometimes I rinse them twice a day.I don't do anything to keep them warm besides keep them in my kitchen which is usually the coolest room in the house except for when someone is cooking food. Keeping them to warm might make them mold or rot.Beans from the store might not sprout well unless they are organic because they might have a process done to them to keep them perserved longer in storage that also keeps them from sprouting.

-- SM Steve (notrealmail@msn.com), January 20, 2002.

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