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I got a bottle of almond oil on clearance at wal-mart and I don't know what it is for. It was only 70 cents so I bought it. It was in the pharmacy part not the spices. It is not almond extract it says almond oil. Does anyone know how I would use it?

Thank you

-- sweet_mae (, January 16, 2002


Hi Mae

I understand it to be a carrier oil.

Last Summer I dried some comfrey and ground it with a mortar and pestle, and mixed it into a small amount of oil.

I then applied it as a poultice on an insect bite.

-- Rick (, January 16, 2002.

Massage oil.

-- Rose (, January 16, 2002.

It makes a great massage oil. I used to use it on my children when they were babies-they loved it. You can mix it with other herbs also- sound like you got a good buy-it can be expensive in health type store.

-- Kelly (, January 16, 2002.

thank you everyone for your answers i thought 70 cents was really cheap i always look for bargains. thanks again

-- sweet_mae (, January 17, 2002.

It's sweet almond oil, I use it when I make lip balms and salves.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, January 17, 2002.

You can also mix an essential oil such as lavender with the sweet almond oil and dab on your skin for a nice fragrance.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, January 17, 2002.

I am on several "lists" for soapmaking and they are constantly posting recipes using sweet almond oil.

If I had my "book" that I keep the recipes in I would post it for you but I am currently in the process of moving and it is already packed!!! Sorry!!

-- wolfie (, January 18, 2002.

Thank you wolfie if when you get unpacked could you post the information for me. Thanks again.

-- sweet_mae (, January 19, 2002.

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