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Has anyone got any experience of the way this Building Society have handled there reposessions?

-- John Cartwright (john.cartwright@quista.net), January 16, 2002


I will do a search for you John to see what I can find. IIRC, they have come up only once or twice and I don't recall seeing resolution of the cases.

As a mortgage lender, West Bromwich have been, um, less than respectful to their customers in the past. They were - along with Cheltenham and Gloucester (now does Lloyds TSB mortgages) - a lender that sold Home Improvement Plan-style mortgages, particularly to the elderly.

Like Cheltenham and Gloucester, West Bromwich took some time and a deal of pressure from (I think) the Office of Fair Trading before they acknowledged that they should have explained the implications of these mortgages better to the people they had sold them to.

West Bromwich paid a great deal of compensation out, if I recall correctly.

There are two issues here:

1. West Bromwich sold these mortgages in the first place 2. It took a Hell of a lot of pressure before it would make things right.

That's what I remember about West Bromwich. Personally, I think any company's past actions are indicators of its mindset, so on that basis, I doubt that West Bromwich today has any natural respect for its customers.


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), January 17, 2002.

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