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When we bought our kitchen stove (electric) it came with a broiler pan. A big flat pan with slices in it, and a drip pan underneath. I have had it in the oven drawer for 6 years now and have never used it, and I don't really know how. I would appreciate any tips, directions, recipes. Anything really that you could do to explain it to me! Thanks...

-- Melissa (, January 15, 2002


They work good for fish and lean red meat; it comes out a little charred, like cooked over a grill or something. Put the rack up a notch, and turn the knob to broil (the top element should heat). Fatty meat usually bursts into flames. It cooks fast, so watch it closely. Flip only once for best results. Fish fillets, skin down, don't need flipping at all.

-- Kevin (, January 15, 2002.

I've used mine for hotdogs wrapped in bacon. The excess grease drips into the pan. Spray the pan lightly first, makes clean up easier.

-- Charleen in WNY (, January 15, 2002.

I have broiled (carefully) garlic loaves, but the pan wasn't necessary for that.

We have roasted big turkeys that wouldn't fit in the roasting pan!

-- Rick (, January 15, 2002.

I use mine like the outdoor grill. Just watch it close and turn stuff every 3 minutes-- it cooks fast. Great for venison steaks, Chicken, you name it. All the fat drains right off and you can put BBQ sauce on, it'll be like the summer, just no bugs! ;-) I use mine on the lowest notch, too. That seems to give a little more leeway.

-- Dawn (, January 15, 2002.

Marinate chicken breasts or pork chops in Italian dressing, broil. turn often, use aluminum foil 0r spray well.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, January 16, 2002.

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