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A few people I know who are not necessarily railroad buffs have noticed increased traffic on the old Seaboard Coast Line around Wake Forest and Raleigh. Why has there been increased traffic? Did a quarry open up north of Raleigh? I did happen upon a ballast train on a Saturday about six weeks ago heading south out of downtown Raleigh. Does anyone have any ideas?

-- Tim Noser (, January 15, 2002


The quarry at Greystone, NC (just north of Henderson) supplied the Seaboard and its successors with ballast, as well as being a good commercial shipper, for over 100 years. There was a regular, twice weekly assignment out of Hamlet a couple of years ago, but I'm not aware that it still works. (In fact, in May of 2001, when I attended a Seaboard retirees' luncheon, I stopped and took pictures to compare with the ones I took 25 years ago when I worked the local that switched it. It appeared that nothing had been in or out in some time.)

-- doug riddell (, January 16, 2002.

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