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looking for safe rave clubs with low number of under-covers because last weekend i went to a rave in raliegh called cause for concern and the number of cops to ravers was probally 1 to 10 there were so many cops there and it was not a good environment so if you know of any please let me know thanks.......

umpa lumpa

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2002


i e-mailed you

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2002

No doubt! How can you have any fun when 5.0 is all up in da house? If you find any decent clubs in NC or SC, let us know. We went to a party a couple of months ago at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. Was pretty phat--no cops until about 4:00AM.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2002

make sure u put in yr tag safe as in cop safe, b/c people who dont know what ur talking about will think parties are dangerous, and not only will we have to deal with the ravers and drugs stigma, but a ravers and voilence stigma too. tell me that woldnt suck?

groove on

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

HEY! be on the lookout for the most technologically advanced rave/trance/techno/dance club around coming to rock hill SC in or around march of 2003.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

Can someone email me with some good clubs in NC ? thanks peepz

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2003

Hey yall im from Texas and just happened to stop by looking for Houston Rave clubs. Raves are fun and if yur into X then i guess u should have fun with that 2 but jus to let u know if you overdose just a lil on e then u overheat, ur insides cook from inside, yur insidez then blow up and realese thier contents like stomach acid which then begins to dissolve yur body parts while u bleed from all openings in yur body conciencly feel the juicy dissolving goin on inside u. Ive never tried E and dont EVER plan on doin it, but i do rave and like to party so lets try to lower the e taking plz! Love to the free world

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

Can someone please help me find a rave anywhere from near winston- salem nc, to charlotte or even greensboro......i need to find a RAVE SOON!! thnx peeps!!

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2003

yeah im definitely up for something in gboro...anyone know of ANYTHING..please help me out...not this hip-hop club shit either ya know?

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2003

also looking for something fun in GSO area. Would like a tip on someone spinning trance or house. Can travel from DC to Atlanta so please post or e-mail me!!!! =)

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2003

I'm on the west coast dones anyone know where there are any raves, three years ago it was easy but now, I can't find anything please, please help

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2004

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