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We are going to go up and look at an old farm in the Rogersville Tn area and was wondering if anyone was familiar with the area.Looking for a small homestead to relocate to in the next few years.The property is approx. 30 acres with an old farm house,creek next to house.It also has a creek in the front of the property and actually has its own bridge.About 7-9 acres cleared,the rest woods.24x32 barn and 2 car garage.Asking $60,000.So does it sound reasonable?Enough cleared land?I'm a total novice at this sort of thing so any and all info would help.

-- Jon Hanson (, January 15, 2002


Jon: We lived down in Seymour for almost 20 years-absolutely loved the area. Rogersville is a slightly depressed area, but depending on your job skills, commutes to Knoxville or the Tri-cities area might not be out of the question. Find out about the flood plain, FIRST! Price is incredible, but make sure the acres are not all vertical! The house is probably a challenge.

-- Jim NE KY (, January 15, 2002.

Please, please tell me did you buy it? How did it look? Please let me know. Thankyou john h.

-- John H. (, January 18, 2002.

Hope I'm wrong but that price sounds too good to be true. I'd be very careful. Unless you're feeding an army or developing a big herd of something then the cleared acreage should be great. What kind of shape is the house in? If it all seems on the up and up I'd jump at it.

-- gilly (, January 18, 2002.

We are heading up there on Sunday,it will be a straight up there and straight back sort of trip.We have seen a pic of the house,it is quite small but thats okay as we would be building something later on.The listing says it also has a chicken shed,smokehouse,freezer shed AND a fallout shelter!!!From the way its written I guess the woods are steep/hilly.We will find out soon enough.Thanks for all your help.Jon

-- Jon Hanson (, January 19, 2002.

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