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There is a Rocky Mountain Horse at the local equine rescue association. He is a 9 year old chestnut/flaxen gelding and he is absolutely gorgeous. His owners put him in the rescue when they got the report from the vet that he has cataracts in both eyes an possibly moonblindness in one. He is able to see at the moment but the condition is apparently degenerative and unlikely to improve. I know that he will have a good full life at the horse rescue but it makes me sad that this beautiful brave creature will never have a family again. At the rescue they are looking into cataract surgery which will at least enable him to see a few more years. It's such a pity because he's so young. I was wondering if anyone out there had tried to fix the blindness caused by ASD and if so, what technique did they use? I live in New Hampshire and people up here have never seen a Rocky Mountain Horse, and vets are unfamiliar with the situation. Luckily we have the best veterinary school in the country, Tufts, in Boston, willing to help us but they've sent us to Colombia to ask about laser eye surgery since they are not able to deal with his problem now. I'd love to rescue this horse and bring him home, and probably will even if he is blind, but I would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks! Emily

-- Emily (, January 14, 2002

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