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I wanted you to know, that this morning, at our house for breakfast, we had crockpot oatmeal, Discussed earlier on this forum, with hot cocoa, made from a mix. (also dicussed earlier.) Those who didn't feel like oatmeal-(we've been plagued by tummy upsets), had microwave yoghurt. Thanks so much for all these great tips!

I found that, I really have to grease my crockpot, or the oatmeal sticks. It does leave a kind of crust, which my family dosn't care for, but the dog loves.

-- Kelly (, January 14, 2002


I had oatmeal also with cooked apples from dinner yesterday mixed in. It was good and filling as well!

-- Melissa (, January 14, 2002.

Wow! I am so proud to have helped you with both the crockpot oatmeal and the microwave yogurt.

Now--I'll tell you another one of my many secrets. My leftover oatmeal will be mixed with one egg (fresh from the hens!), a little crisco,and some self rising flour and chocolate chips and Voila! Easy, fast oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for after school snack! And they come out real chewy like my husband likes. Better get on to making them......

-- Ann Markson (, January 14, 2002.

My oatmeal doesn't stick and I don't grease it. I wonder if you should try adding a little more water. Also, if you stir really well about five minutes before you spoon it out--the crust mixes up and softens and no one knows any better of it.

-- Ann Markson (, January 14, 2002.

Thanks for the cookie tip-thats great! I have trouble judging how much to make-if I make say three servings(on the box) often they slurp it down and its not enough, other times I have oatmeal left over-the dog will only eat so much of it. I'll just make cookies!

-- Kelly (, January 14, 2002.

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