Where to find 'rave-quality' club equipment

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I'm an architectural student that loves a good rave, but I don't know a thing about the lighting or sound equipment. As a final project in my curriculum, I'm designing a club to specifically meet the needs of ravers, but I need to know where to find equipment and specs on them. Who knows, maybe once I get this thing done, I might find some supporters who share my dream of bringing regular, noteworthy raves to the Fayetteville (central NC) area. So please, PLEASE email me if you know of websites or other resources to find quality equipment!

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2002


Hey,my name is Brian.I live in Tampa Florida actually a place called Apollo Beach.(Any ways) I want to set up a rave spot also and don't have a clue. What do I need to throw some bad ass rave cultured shit ya know what I'm Saying? If I find out then you will to. Please E-mail me back with anything.I wamt like a package deal.Instead of piecing it together.All state of the art equipment too. Anything you know about sound will help too. money is no object really. Thanks Brian

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

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