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Calling all Caine fanatics! I am a student at the University of Plymouth Studying Media and am making a documentary on the main man himself. If you can help me with any of the following please let me know!! 1- How to contact Caine's agent? 2-What would you most like to ask if you could meet him? 3-Are you a complete Caine fanatic? Do you have the most memorabilia? If you are Caine crazy, live in the UK and would be willing to be interviewed on video about why you like him please reply and I will contact you to arrange an interview!

Warning!- I am only a poor student and am doing this for a project because I think Caine's the man!- Do not expect to be paid for interviews- you must do it for the love of Caine!

-- Victoria Harris (, January 14, 2002


I am also a poor student but I have over 70 Michael Caine films on video or dvd. I cannot help you with the search for his agent but would be happy to provide any info you need or just to discuss the great man himself. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Matt Eeley (Chester, England.)

-- Matt Eeley (, February 08, 2002.

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