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Hi, I don't know if Richard Gere will ever read this. If I knew his address I would send him a letter. I just wanted him to know how much I respect him for what he said after the September 11 events and wanted him to know I agree with him. I believe in karma and believe when people become petty and vengeful and their lives become a cycle of tit for tat, they will face more difficulty in attaining their goals and posterity will suffer because of it. It helps that I am a Buddhist and just to add, I was born Muslim. I am saddened at what is going on in general with religion nowadays and hope people who believe that stongly in God can understand that God is in all of us and the moments he shines through is when we show kindness to one another.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to type this and providign the forum for that and Peace and Love to all.

-- mimi (, January 14, 2002

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