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what's really funny is everytime you neopharisees are refuted with Scripture, it gets deleted. THEN you proclaim boldly that "no one can provide proof". snicker!

Listen, one last time for your sake, baptism CANNOT be a part of Salvation (rather it is an act of obedience). Since our sins were forgiven BEFORE the foundation of the world, and since God predestined us BEFORE the universe was even created, and since we were ELECTED BY GOD to become his Sons before we had done ANYTHING...Good or bad.....

How can being baptised affect our Salvation? The answer is it can't. NOTHING can but Christ Himself. BUT.... you, Mr. NeoPharisee must not believe in predestination....becuse it messes up your pet beleif that you think you are saving your hearers by convincing them to be baptised for remission of sin.

Bummer that this post will now be deleted.....

-- (blah@blah.blah), January 10, 2002.

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Taken from the "deathbed conversions" and "deathbed conversions part 2" threads of that ...."other"

-- Nunyo Beeswax (, January 13, 2002


Also removed from the "deathbed conversions" thread:

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Interesting. Notice that Romans 10:9 is completly ignored in Lee's diatribe. But then he is too busy picking nits, convoluting words and meaning and basically "making the Word of God to no effect". DSL is a wonderful thing...this thread loads in a heartbeat. No reason to truncate it, unless you are wanting that swill from lee to be the last post here....

Thanks for answering the "works vs. grace" explains much about the attitude of those on this site (not all). It must be sad to live in such fear of doing wrong and being cut off, and following a set of rules and reg's is just easier for legalistic people to deal with god...or so they think. God is so much bigger than your small minds....

BTW, the letter to Ephesus was not just "for them". Paul tells several churches to read the letter he wrote to ______ and send your letter to them to read.

Anyway, "you can always tell a pharisee....not much, but you can always tell 'em!" Not worth much time debating those that are convinced in their own minds they are right and everyone else better conform to their views (rather than Scriptures)

I would caution those of you who are engaging in this mental masturbation to watch out for these "dogs" preaching another Gospel, which is no Gospel at all. Their words and ways seem right, but in the end, lead to destruction.

If I ever needed someone to type for hours and say nothing to save my life, Lee would be the first person I would call on. beware his nitpicking of words and phrases as he uses them out of context and focus' the reader away from what they should see.....does the man have no time to "go make disciples" because he is so busy trying to dazzle the 1/2 dozen people on this forum with his many words?

It is easy to type for hours, pointing out the sawdust specks. Not so easy to go LIVE as Christ has modeled for us.

Time to go.

-- (back@to.lurkmode), January 08, 2002.

-- Nunyo Beeswax (, January 13, 2002.

Now an entire thread was removed because it provided Biblical rebuttal of the belief that baptism saves. The basic content was the same as "Why baptism cannot be neccessary to Salvation" on this forum.

My my my, but somebody is deathly afraid of the Truth!

As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord!

-- Joe (, January 17, 2002.

i DO BELIEVE FIRMLY THt baptism is a part of your walk with God. It won't save you but it is a committment to God. It says publically I beleive in the teachings of Jesus Christ and I intend to follow him. You are making a covenent with God when you are baptised. But it does not end there. I don't believe that once saved business. I became a born-again Christian 7 years ago and I get saved daily. Karen

-- Karen (, January 29, 2002.

the correct term is "being saved"

"shall be saved" etc.

Right on! Salvation isn't a "done deal" until we get to Heaven.

-- (preach@it.!), January 29, 2002.

Wow, some people have really picked up the batton where I had to leave it many months ago when I was kicked off the forum for simply telling the truth. Apparently others have followed in my footsteps in their revelation of Mr. Lee's style of communication (if one wishes to characterize it as "communication").

I think I may be back for some further discussion, now that the forum seems to have taken on some common sense.

-- Barry Hanson (, February 10, 2002.

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